Sep 6

I’ve had snapchat for like a week now…


And no random dickpics.

Note: This is certainly not a complaint. I am not requesting dick pics (and if I was, I’d do it on my sex blog not here anyways), I’ve just been adding people fairly randomly and that seemed to be a hazard (though Vi has been using it for ages and hasn’t had any problems like that I guess).

Anyway, if you send me your snapchat (or kik) I will probably add you. Going well thus far, but slow.

Sep 3

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Sep 2

Just my occasional reminder to folks that although I don’t post here nearly as often as I should, I do post more often on both my main blog and my sex blog.

Sep 2

Reblog if you’re polyamorous


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So I have a smartphone now


Finally, eh?

Anyways, if you are one of those people who have asked if I have snap chat or like or the like, now I do.

I won’t post my information publicly, but if you ask me in private and I know you (or you just seem nice), I will likely add you. ☺

How do I know if I’m poly?

Someone wrote me asking, more or less, the classic “How did you know you were poly?” question. I answered them privately since I wasn’t sure if they wanted me to post their url publicly, but I figured I’d share my response with you guys even if I don’t share the question.

I think the key knowing if you can do poly (I don’t, personally, think most people are mono or are poly - they are more like skillsets: some folks have talent for it, others have to work at acquiring, and both have various reasons to make them appealing) is asking yourself what you think about your girlfriend or boyfriend or whatever being with people other than you?

The vast majority of folks on the planet would probably find the notion of having more than one partner appealing, even if for practical reasons it wouldn’t work out.

The real question is whether you find the notion of your partner having more than one partner appealing. Not necessarily on a sexual level or anything like that, but instead if there is part of you going “Yeah, I don’t want my partner to feel (s)he has to be limited to only me!”

Just remember - the vast majority of polyamorous relationships don’t work out…but, then, the vast majority of monogamous relationships don’t work out, either. It is way more about figuring out what works for an individual relationship than what works overall, because every connection is different - even if at the same time all your relationships have you in common.

How long do you usually date someone before you tell them that you love them? And does that change based on whether you have multiple partners at the time?


I haven’t dated tons of people, so I’m not sure there’s a ‘usually’ there. I’d imagine a “few months” might be usual, but with my current primary partner we sort of started off already there.

I’ve never told someone other than my primary partner I loved them since I started doing polyamory - all my other relationships thus far have not been dating-type relationships, sadly. Hopefully I’ll get to have some more of those soon, and when I do I expect being already dating someone else won’t change things much.




all of these are very important


Heck, these tips apply even to the not-so-young. And I second point #12 very much. If someone pressures you into sex from the get-go and mocks you for not wanting to get physical quickly, it’s time to boot that person out on their ass. Sometimes I think the media makes young people believe they have to have sex as soon as possible just to be ‘normal’, and I wish that particular message would just go away and be replaced by point #12.

For the most part this is pretty accurate, I think.

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Aug 7

irarelysmile replied to your post “OKCupid doesn’t tease me as much as Plenty of Fish, but I’ll admit I…”

What’s plenty of fish?

Dating website.  It is pretty big, at least around these parts, lots of folks on it… But it really doesn’t have any kind of match-making, and most of the profiles are usually “lol i h8 writing this dumb things lolololololol im jus typing until it says i dont need more character lol! holla at me if your hot!”

There’s a ton of people on there, though, so there are some good profiles on there, it is just so low effort to set up a profile that many people put in zero effort.

Aug 7

:) :( :D ;O


Well, feel free to talk to me if you don’t already, and we can remedy :( at least and maybe make ;O happen. :)  And in any event, thank you!